Coral Capers GBA

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country GBA
World name Kongo Jungle GBA
Level name Coral Capers
Previous level Reptile Rumble GBA
Next level Barrel Cannon Canyon GBA




  • Holding B in water makes you faster, so do it
  • The logic behind swapping to Diddy during the vertical section before the warp barrel is that you want to swap in a location that is not going to result in you losing your horizontal momentum, since it takes much more time to reach max speed horizontally than vertically. Diddy swims vertically faster than DK too. Diddy also moves through the warp room faster than DK, so it's good to have swapped by then as well.
  • Unlike the SNES version, building momentum before cutting corners doesn't seem to save time over just hugging the wall (this could be worth looking into to 100% know though).
  • DK and Diddy swim at the same horizontal speed.

Note: This video was recorded on mGBA without the GBA BIOS, so the load times are faster than a typical run of this stage