Reptile Rumble GBA

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country GBA
World name Kongo Jungle GBA
Level name Reptile Rumble
Previous level Ropey Rampage GBA
Next level Coral Capers GBA




  • To get the long roll through the DK barrel, you need to start your roll as close as you can to the DK barrel without being close enough to pick it up while doing your B input. You can sometimes roll through both Krems with this roll but it's kind of a crapshoot whether you get both or not.
  • For the ending, begin your roll once you reach the bottom of the slope, do a full roll and then min bounce off the tire (allowing you to bounce on the Krem as you pass him), then max bounce on the next tire over the final Krem.

Note: This video was recorded on mGBA without the GBA BIOS, so the load times are faster than a typical run of this stage