Belcha's Barn

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 3
World name Lake Orangatanga
Level name Belcha's Barn
Previous level Murky Mill
Murky Mill 103
Murky Mill Warpless
Next level Barrel Shield Bust-Up
Barrel Shield Bust-Up 103
Barrel Shield Bust-Up Warpless


  • Safe: 3/10
  • Optimal: 4/10
  • Optimal alternative: 9/10




  • If you time yourself right, you can just jump to Belcha's mouth and it will drop instantly in.
  • This video waits for Belcha to land which loses around a second
  • On 1.0 you will save .3s on the ending transition



  • This video demonstrates getting the optimal second feed, which is quite tight, and will either result in a softlock or a reset if failed.
  • An un-optimal coin grab is a bigger time sink than it seems. Grab the coin ASAP, and as left most as possible.
  • For the 2nd barrel you can do a teamup as illustrated in the "optimal alternative" video which saves 14 frames, 39 if you get hopless.

Optimal alternative


  • To prevent Belcha from hopping after the second feed, you need to feed the bug to him as soon as possible.
  • This trick is not recommended unless you can pull it off consistently.
  • If you get the teamup but belcha doesn't hop you still save 14 frames, hopless saves 39.

Softlock Backup


  • You must hold left + y the whole time.