Murky Mill 103

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 3
World name Lake Orangatanga
Level name Murky Mill
Previous level Skidda's Row 103
Next level Belcha's Barn

Optimal - One entry

  • Bear coin count: 10
  • Single entry is only faster if you get Ellie skip. It is recommended that you only do single entry if you are willing to reset until you get Ellie skip. Doing single entry with Ellie loses about 20 seconds.
  • There's a 2 frame window to release the down input (you can start holding down anytime during the second jump).
  • The image below gives a visual cue for when to release down.


  • After the first bonus you can pick up the DK barrel for extra safety. This will introduce some lag in the remainder of the stage.



  • This is the original strategy for getting a 19 on the first bonus. It's equally fast to the bonus strategy in the main video.

Optimal - Two entry (Ellie route)


  • Bear coin count: 9 (this route picks up one less bear coin. The wiki route will assume 10 bear coins were picked up in world 1. You can pick up a backup bear coin later to make up for the deficit).
  • This is the preferred route if you're not comfortable with Ellie skip or not willing to reset for it. You can still attempt Ellie skip to save approximately 7 seconds. If you do get Ellie skip, follow the video for one entry until collecting the DK coin.
  • If you hit Ellie skip, this route loses approximately 5 seconds compared to one entry with Ellie skip. If you don't hit Ellie skip, this route loses approximately 12 seconds compared to one entry with Ellie skip.
  • Being ejected out of the first bonus through the bee can kill you if you’re too slow! Do NOT land anywhere after taking damage!
  • If you lose Kiddy before getting the first bonus, you can hover over the bees and kill the bees with the steel keg similar to the one entry video.
  • Sometimes the Sneek at 1:28 can hit you. If it happens, you can kill the bee guarding the bonus with the barrel behind it instead.