Blackout Basement

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country
World name Kremkroc Industries
Level name Blackout Basement
Previous level Mine Cart Madness
Next level Boss Dumb Drum


  • Safe: 7/10
  • Optimal: 11/10
  • 101%: 11/10

All Stages

Newbie Route

  • Similar to the safe route but avoids trying to land on stuff in the dark as much as possible. Try to match the safe video instead as soon as you get a little more familiar with the stage.



  • This route completely ignores all extended rolls and tire rolls.
  • The ropes you grab are not on a global timer, they will always be there.
  • At :32, roll as soon as you land. Rolling off the edge will cause you to miss the platform and die.
  • At :46, it is possible to roll through 3 Kremlings instead of 2. This is faster and doesn't require an extendo, but you will have to time your jump more precisely to not die to the Klap Trap at the end.



  • Nothing about this stage is random. The lights go on and off in set intervals (62 frame intervals for J, but the lights stay off a little longer on the U version).
  • Learning to adapt to different light patterns if you screw up is hard and takes a lot of time. Try to practice finishing the stage as quickly as you can even if your pattern gets thrown off.
  • Lots of hard extended rolls in this one. The hardest is Omega, which saves 40 frames and involves a double extendo done in the dark.
  • At :14 you roll through five Kremlings during the Omega. Kremling 1 and 2 are at the beginning, and the other three are in a group in the middle. There are two at the beginning, and 3 walking in a line in the lower section. Tap Y before 1 and 2, then you'll need to tap again between Krem 3 and 4, and between 4 and 5 (these are 4-frame windows in the dark, making this trick obtusely difficult). After that, don't repress Y at all until you get to the edge, then press and hold to get to the third tire. If you get the full roll, but can't roll at the end, it means you timed the double extendo (between the last three) too late. If you stop rolling immediately, you were too early.
  • The extended roll at :20 is quite precise. Grabbing the rope is recommended until you are very comfortable with the trick.
  • Some rolls require you to roll off the edge, and others require rolling before the edge. Mixing these up can easily kill you, so watch the video carefully.




  • The All stages video has notes about the individual extended rolls if you are struggling with them. However, this video has input display. It's probably a good idea to watch both videos
  • Getting the steel keg to the last bonus can be scary. It's very easy to lose speed and cause it to despawn, and you will have to play the stage again.
  • You can throw the steel keg against the left wall and ride it in order to avoid the chance of losing it.
  • The most important thing to avoid losing the keg is hitting the roll through the Kremlings at the end. Most of the time you lose the keg will be from messing that up.