Bleak's House

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 3
World name K3
Level name Bleak's House
Previous level Lemguin Lunge
Next level Razor Ridge


  • Normal/U Version: 5/10 (because Bleak...)
  • Bleak Skip: jumproll/10



  • His spawn places are random, which makes it annoying sometimes.
  • Sometimes, he'll be spawing at the complete left side and you won't be able to hit him no matter how you place yourself T__T.
  • (0:43: Here is an example of this kind of bad luck).

Bleak Skip


  • The skip is a frame perfect start press.
  • This only works on the J version.
  • Hit Bleak as soon as the fight starts.
  • You can NOT do this in 103%. You will not receive the Bonus Coin needed to complete the run.