Bleak's House GBA

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 3 (GBA)
World name K3
Level name Bleak's House
Previous level Lemguin Lunge
Next level Buzzer Barrage or
Konveyor Rope Klash




  • You have to hit the flashing medallion on Bleak for a hit to count. As Bleak throws snowballs, the medallion moves to the right and the hitbox moves accordingly. Try to time your throws so that the snowball will hit the medallion at the correct time.
  • The safe spot under the shadow works for both Kongs.
  • You can throw the snowball for the hit at 0:21 as soon as the fourth to last snowball shot by Bleak (the last snowball that partially goes off screen, indicated in the image below), fully leaves the screen.

3GBA 5-B cue.jpg

  • Kiddy throws the snowballs to his right, meaning the positions will differ slightly between Kongs.
  • Bleak rarely spawns in the back row. If he does, the game will automatically change the row in which the snowball is thrown.
  • If done optimally you'll keep your Kong at the end, even after getting hit by the final snowball. This also works with one Kong. If the damage does register, you likely hit Bleak too late.