Konveyor Rope Klash GBA

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 3 (GBA)
World name KAOS Kore
Level name Konveyor Rope Klash
Previous level Bleak's House or
Kroctopus Krush
Next level Creepy Caverns


Intermediate (no zip)


  • Try to ride each konveyor rope that moves right as long as possible for a speed boost and try to jump off each konveyor rope that moves left as soon as possible.
    • However, it is strongly advised to drop off the rope before touching the right side. Under certain conditions this can cause a softlock. The same mechanic is used to our advantage to get the zip.
  • Around 0:48, briefly release right to avoid getting hit by the circling Buzzer.
  • The movement at 0:56 is somewhat precise. Jump straight up to avoid getting hit by the circling Buzzer before hovering to the right, and land in front of the next circling Buzzer.
  • At the end, the bottom rope is approximately 8 frames faster than the top rope.

Optimal (with zip)


  • At 0:23 you can also jump into the Knocka from below to save minimal time due to skipping a hover.
  • To perform the zip make sure you touch the left side of the rope, this sets a value that allows the zip to work. Then hold right and B to move to the right side, and release B for exactly 20 frames along the way.
    • The zip can be retried by repeating the setup (including touching the left side of the rope).
  • In order to zip all the way to the flag pole, perform a jump, jump+hover and jump+hover after getting the zip. The movement is not very precise. Make sure each hover finished completely before jumping again.
  • The zip saves around 13 seconds if you get it first try. Each failed attempt costs approximately 2.5 seconds.