Cliffside Blast

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 3 (GBA)
World name Pacifica
Level name Cliffside Blast
Previous level Sunken Spruce
Next level Ripcurl Reef




  • Doing this stage optimally is very difficult, due to the precise barrel shots.
  • Due to the random nature of the out of bounds clip in Sunken Spruce, either Kong can be in front. All strategies in this stage can be done with either Kong.
  • If a barrel is facing in the direction you want to shoot in upon entering, you have a small window to press A to get shot out instantly.
  • Make sure to hold right after being shot out of the autofire barrel at 0:11. Otherwise you may get hit by the Buzzers circling around the next barrel.
  • Make sure to release the d-pad when being shot out of the barrel in the image below (0:22 in the video). This will get you shot over the platform. If you hold a direction, you will land on the platform instead.

3GBA 6-4 cue.jpg

  • Intentional damage is taken on the Buzzer at 0:36 to skip most of the enemies afterwards. Directly after damage boosting, you can optionally do a single rope jump. Afterwards, the Buzzers line up in such a way that you only need to do two rope jumps at 0:40 and 0:41. This will keep all the enemies out of your way.



  • You can get in front of the top circling Buzzer with rope jumps. While this is possible with both Kongs, it is significantly harder with Kiddy due to his larger hitbox. ** Make sure to not start jumping until you're past the lower circling Buzzer.
  • You can skip the barrel section leading up to halfway by shooting onto the left cliff and doing a damage boost. This loses 2.35 seconds over a perfectly executed barrel section.