Sunken Spruce

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 3 (GBA)
World name Pacifica
Level name Sunken Spruce
Previous level Stormy Seas
Next level Cliffside Blast


Optimal - damageless


  • The out of bounds clip through the branch is seemingly random, but you can easily and quickly retry it. To perform the clip, face left on top of the branch and press right. While the Kongs are in the process of turning around (but have not fully turned around yet), press the swap button. Repeat that until you clip. You can clip out of bounds with both Kongs.
    • The success rate seems to be higher when the Kongs are further into the turn to the right.
    • This can result in you finishing this stage with either Kong. This does not matter - for the remaining stages in Pacifica it does not matter which Kong is in front.
  • To clip back in bounds, you only need to swim to the upper right corner of the right tree and swap.
  • It is possible to not take damage after the swap, but also very random since it relies on enemy positions. Finishing the stage with either kong is fine.
  • At 0:17, Dixie's jump out of the water is stalled on purpose to avoid getting hit by the acorn. You can skip this acorn with a rope jump, as seen in the video below.



  • By jumping out of the water before the camera has caught up and doing a rope jump on the left side, you can make it in front of the acorn.

Optimal - with damage taken


  • Here is an example of getting hit after the swap back in bounds.