Stormy Seas

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 3 (GBA)
World name Pacifica
Level name Stormy Seas
Previous level Dingy Drain-Pipe
Next level Sunken Spruce




  • The roll at 0:04 is buffered.
  • At 0:22 we have the first timestop in the run (if you did not go for the timestop in Dingy Drain-Pipe). Then bonus storage is used to get close to the end of the stage, using the stored bonus from Kreeping Klasps. To perform this you have to team up or cancel your team up on the same frame you fall into the water (read in Tricks for more details). If you fall before timestopping, you can use the platform below to do it.
  • After the timestop, try to jump on at least one of the Knocka and Kracka to prevent the game from lagging.



  • The video features some more difficult strategies. Keep in mind you need 2 Kongs for the timestop, and getting hit will cost a lot of time when assessing what strategies you want to go for.
  • Jumping into the Rekoil from below saves frames because you do not have to hover.
  • The jump into the Kracka from below allows you to get on the roof slightly faster. Make sure to not jump too late or you'll get hit.
  • The roll at 0:16 is buffered.
  • To team throw Kiddy into the floor without killing the Rekoil, you can use the left side of the pole (indicated in the image below) as a visual cue for where to team up.
    • Note that the Rekoil retains a hitbox while underwater during a timestop state. You can get hit by the Rekoil right after getting the timestop. Therefore you want to make sure you attempt the timestop when the Rekoil is at its lowest point. A good cue for this is to stand still after breaking the platform, and only move right once the Rekoil leaves the screen. If you do not get the timestop quickly enough, it is safer to opt out of it and go for an alternative timestop listed below.

3GBA 6-2 cue.jpg

Timestop Backups


  • If you do not get the timestop on the initial platform, you can use the small platform next to the bonus as an alternative.
  • If you attempt the timestop on the left side, make sure to not enter the bonus by accident. In the video the Kongs enter the water, swim along the platform and go slightly right after jumping out of the water to land on the left edge of the platform. This allows you to do just a small left tap when attempting the timestop.