Dingy Drain-Pipe

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 3 (GBA)
World name Pacifica
Level name Dingy Drain-Pipe
Previous level Cotton Top Cove to Pacifica
Next level Stormy Seas


Safe (timestop)


  • The rolls at 0:03 and 0:09 are buffered. If you fail to buffer the first roll you will take damage from the first Bristle at the bottom. Please refer to the 'backups' video below for a backup.
  • This route makes use of a timestop and bonus storage to skip much of the stage.
  • The ledge you perform the timestop on is too high above the water to allow for multiple tries normally speaking. However, this video swaps to Kiddy before teaming up and performing the timestop while cancelling the team-up. This allows you to attempt the timestop multiple tries. Please refer to the video below to see how you can recover.



  • If you are too early, you can team up again and try to perform the timestop while cancelling the team up.
  • If you are too late, you can team throw back onto the platform if you react quickly enough. It may be worth pressing the B button to team throw after each attempt.
  • Keep in mind that during the timestop state, any enemy underwater can still hit you.
    • You can go below the Lurchin at 0:27 for safety.
  • If you did not enter a bonus prior to this stage, the game will softlock upon entering the bonus barrel.
  • An intentional damage boost is taken at 0:50 to allow Dixie to be in front for the next stage.
  • If you get the timestop first try, this route is only about a second slower than the optimal route with no Enguarde smuggle. It can potentially be faster if you get the timestop without setting up for a retryable timestop. The optimal route with Enguarde smuggle is about 7.5 seconds faster.

Optimal (out of bounds)


  • The rolls at 0:05 and 0:09 are buffered. If you fail to buffer the first roll you will take damage from the first Bristle at the bottom. Please refer to the 'backups' video below for a backup.
  • You can get a larger jump after rolling through the Bristles by using jump momentum conservation. Check the video below for an example.



  • In order to make it on the platform you'll have to start your jump rather late. You won't need to repress B until you land.
  • You can't roll through the Bristle afterwards as it hasn't had time to turn around.
  • To do the OOB clip, have both of your kongs on the flat surface, swim right to the diagonal one on the right, fully turn around and swap.
  • The video swaps to Dixie before the Enguarde section because Enguarde is faster with Dixie.
  • The Enguarde Smuggle is a 50/50. By holding ONLY down while Enguarde is touching the floor, a subpixel value will switch between one that allows you to bypass the signpost and one that doesn't. If you held only down for an odd amount of frames, you can bypass the signpost. You do not need to charge past the signpost.
    • The Enguarde smuggle saves around 6.5 seconds.
  • Do NOT enter the rocket barrel while riding Enguarde, it will softlock your game. You can dismount Enguarde by cancelling your charge by pressing left, and then pressing R.
  • If you fail to smuggle Enguarde, please refer to the 'backups' video for a backup.



  • If you do not get the buffered roll on the first Bristles, you will take damage from the Bristle on the bottom of the shaft if you keep holding right. Also keep in mind you will not be able to roll through the right Bristle at 0:07.
  • If you are unlucky with the Enguarde smuggle, try to jump out of the water as it lowers. You may want to mash the jump button as the Kongs like to stick to the water surface. You can buffer the rolls on the Rekoils for some extra speed.