Floodlit Fish GBA

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 3 (GBA)
World name Razor Ridge
Level name Floodlit Fish
Previous level Kong-Fused Cliffs
Next level Pot Hole Panic




  • To get the out of bounds clip, make sure Kiddy is in front. Perform two up swims (press up and A) along the left wall and swap. Make sure to let Kiddy float up a little before swapping.
    • The clip does not always work. It is not fully known why this is the case. Often this is the case when Kiddy doesn't swim up far enough along the wall.
  • Hold down and B to float down past the stage as quickly as possible.
  • There are some invisible floors that extend a little past the edge of the screen. If you are not far enough left, these may stop you.
  • The clip in bounds is consistent, but precise. It requires Dixie to be in front. To get the clip in bounds perform the following steps:
    • Make sure Dixie is touching the invisible wall that roughly corresponds to the edge of the camera (hold right before coming up on the visual cues).
    • When the G (the pink line in the image) is fully off screen, release the down button.
    • When the bottom banana (the red line in the image) is fully off screen, release the right button.
    • When the corridor (the purple line in the image) is fully off screen, repress the right button and swap immediately after. This will get Kiddy back in bounds.

3GBA 7-3 cue.jpg

  • The clip in bounds can be retried. Make sure to swap back to Dixie and rebuild some downwards momentum before attempting it again.
  • The video below shows an alternative clip in bounds.

Alternative clip in bounds


  • Similarly to the regular clip in bounds, Dixie needs to be in front.
  • The clip is similar to the out of bounds clip. To get it, swim down to the bottom of the stage, and do two up swims (press up and A) along the wall and swap when the yellow flower, highlighted in the image below, is about to leave the screen.

3GBA 7-3 alternative in bounds cue.jpg