Pot Hole Panic GBA

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 3 (GBA)
World name Razor Ridge
Level name Pot Hole Panic
Previous level Floodlit Fish
Next level Ropey Rumpus




  • To skip Squawks, make sure to take damage on the right side of the Booty Bird. This will either bounce you off the Booty Bird (shown in 'Squawks section alternatives') or allow you to hover to the next platform.
  • The explosions linger for a while after the bombs touch the ground. Make sure to avoid them.
  • At 0:09 you have to release right for a bit to avoid getting hit by the bombs.
  • The hover at 0:21 is necessary to avoid getting hit by the Koco fish upon falling in the water.
  • With Enguarde it is faster to time the lunges than to mash the B button. While lunging with Enguarde, you can hardly move vertically.
  • Wait until the Lurchin at 0:26 opens before charging through it.
  • To cancel a charge with Enguarde, press the opposite direction of which Enguarde is going.
  • At 0:40, damage is taken intentionally as this launches the Kongs forwards while dismounting Enguarde.

Optimal Alternative Enguarde Section


  • By using charge cancels more effectively, the Enguarde section can be done faster.
  • At 0:07, stay close to the floor, to ensure the Puffer Fish won't be in your way.
  • Avoiding damage at 0:13 is quite difficult. You can alternatively follow the strategy from the optimal video.



  • This video lists multiple (slightly) different ways to do Squawks skip, including opting out of it. In this case you want to manually swap to Kiddy. Make sure to not roll down onto the Squawks crate, as a roll will not break the crate.
  • The Booty Bird snipe at 0:14 is not necessary. You can still pass the Booty Bird on either side afterwards, but the snipe makes it safer.
  • You do not need to turn around for Squawks skip, as long as you take damage far enough right.
  • Squawks skip can also be done damageless. This is a bit more precise and requires Dixie to be in front.
  • You can buffer a roll off the final Booty Bird by pressing B before touching the ground.