Ropey Rumpus GBA

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 3 (GBA)
World name Razor Ridge
Level name Ropey Rumpus
Previous level Pot Hole Panic
Next level Kroctopus Krush


Optimal (Stairway to Heaven)


  • You can throw Kiddy from quite far left at the start. The further right you start your team throw, the more time you will have to climb the rope with Dixie.
  • You can cancel the team up state by rolling when Kiddy is about to return to Dixie.
  • At 0:14 you have to climb fast to beat the Buzzer cycle.
  • Starting at 0:27 is the so-called 'stairway to heaven'. In 'Stairway to Heaven backups' you can find several methods to make the climb easier.
  • At the end you can also wait Kiddy at the rope to cancel the team up, as shown below. This is slower but also easier than attempting the roll.



  • If Kiddy returns to Dixie too early, you can jump off the rope and do another team throw to buy more time.
  • Doing an extra team throw into the corner makes getting around the corner at 0:12 slightly easier.
  • Waiting for Kiddy to return to Dixie while hanging on the rope cancels the team up as well.