Gusty Glade 102

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 2
World name Gloomy Gulch
Level name Gusty Glade
Previous level Haunted Hall
Next level Parrot Chute Panic


  • Optimal: 8/10


  • At 0:09 Kipples Chestless + Rat Roll are performed. It is important to develop good visual cues if you want to go for these.
  • The pillars can be done in a variety of ways, though watch out for their ledges as they can eat both rolls and jumps.
  • The Team Up Jump to enter the first bonus without a Team Throw requires to jump after the team up on the second frame, which is a little higher.
  • The second bonus is tricky. Aim to collect the 4 leftmost star columns with the first two barrel throws. The third throw is arguably the most important one: you will want to collect both stars at the bottom row just as you're coming out of the barrel, while also aiming to collect the stars at the top of the 5th column from the left, the stars in the middle of the 6th column, and the one star at the bottom of the 7th column. You should then aim to collect most of the stars on the right with the next two throws, and use the final two throws to go back towards the middle and collect the remaining ones.
  • There's no need to team throw into the barrel at 1:22 as airborne state is achieved naturally after exiting the last bonus.