Haunted Hall

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 2
World name Gloomy Gulch
Level name Haunted Hall
Previous level Ghostly Grove
Next level Gusty Glade

Difficulty: Tupac Shakur/10




  • Jump up all upwards slopes, no matter the size.
  • Jumping down small slopes will lose you time. Aim to jump down large slopes only.
  • Jumping on flat ground loses time, with some exceptions.
  • Jumping into the transition doors also saves minimal frames. Aim as high as you can.
    • These may not feel like much, but an optimal Haunted Hall route can save up to 5-6 seconds over a casual route.
  • Jumping over the bees at 1:14 can be tricky. You have to get really close to their hitboxes (note that there is only one bee in the J version).
  • You do not need to hold Right or Y in this stage.

Optimal Alternative


  • Precisely follow where the video jumps and the size of these jumps. Failing to do so will cause you to not save nearly as much time as you could.
    • Nearly every jump has a visual cue at a railroad tie or wooden post (or shortly after one, in a few cases).
    • See the Optimal Alternative Map bellow for precise visual cues and jump heights.
  • This route is difficult to learn/memorize, but saves ~.6s over Djeez' route.
  • Bizhawk practice scripts: J U (uses the most updated route). See the section below for more info.

Map of Optimal Alternative

  • Imgur Album.
  • You should be jumping when the teeth of your cart touch the start of a line. Keep in mind that it takes a few frames for your cart to jump after pressing B. The lines in these images are precise to the pixel.
  • Note that all consecutive jumps are buffered.
  • White = A small jump is more optimal, but you should probably do a slightly larger jump for safety.
  • Green = Smallest possible jump.
  • Orange = Medium jump. It's on the larger side of medium, though (hard to explain).
  • Red = Largest possible jump.

Before 1st Door.png

  • Don't perform the crossed-out jump (I'm too lazy to remake the entire thing).

Door 2.png

  • For the jump down the 1st large slope, prioritize doing the earliest possible jump rather than grabbing the 1st [+] barrel. Grabbing the 2nd [+] barrel only loses half a frame's worth of distance.
  • Don't perform the crossed-out jump.

Door 4.png
Door 5.png

  • Minor Corrections: The 3rd and 4th gap jumps should be initiated as late as possible.



  • Don't perform the crossed-out jumps.