Ghostly Grove

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 2
World name Gloomy Gulch
Level name Ghostly Grove
Previous level King Zing Sting
Next level Haunted Hall


  • Safe: 3/10
  • Optimal: 5/10




  • Avoid holding onto ropes for too long.
  • This is a great level to practice different length of jumps and rolls.
  • The jump at 0:17 can be tricky. Here's a good visual cue. Not rolling makes the visual cue more viable, and the jump a bit easier. Timing may differ depending on varying amounts of input lag.
  • At 0:44, rolling through both Klampons can result in losing Diddy, if you start your roll too early.
    • Sometimes, the rope after the two Spiny will spawn slightly later or coming in too fast won't allow you to grab onto it. To prevent this, jump right after killing the second Spiny, cutting the roll short.
  • At 0:49, a despawn of the Kloak is performed. It is done by simply spawning him, then getting him off screen again.



  • This route takes damage with Dixie at the beginning instead of swapping. This is exactly the same speed as swapping at the beginning and performing a Team-Up Goal at the end of the level, but since Team-Up Goals can't be made 100% consistent, this is considered the more consistent strat.
    • Note that a crotch goal can be performed at the end of the level to make this route faster (See KLOSTY GROVE).
    • You don't lose time by grabbing the barrel in Haunted Hall because you leave the cart faster with 1 Kong.
  • At 0:15, roll under the rope instead of grabbing onto it (Saves ~.15s).
  • At 0:23, not letting go of the D-pad for this jump is pretty tight, but saves time.
  • At 0:28, roll under the rope instead of grabbing onto it (Saves ~.15s).
  • Do not despawn the Kloak at the end. Instead, roll under the rope and grab it from the front.
    • Most players recommend grabbing it from the right as seen here. It is only 0.2s slower and much safer.


  • Klosty Grove is a tighter rope skip than the others (Saves ~.15s).
  • Grab the rope under the Kloak from the front instead of looping around to grab it from the back. This is easy to execute, but you can randomly clip the rope which results in death.
  • Crotch goal requires you to land just before the goal, then roll off the edge and back onto the goal (Saves ~.2s).
    • Getting a very optimal team-up goal saves about the same amount of time as crotch goal.