King Zing Sting

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 2
World name Krazy Kremland
Level name King Zing Sting
Previous level Rambi Rumble
Next level Ghostly Grove


  • Optimal: 6/10 (but don't sleep on the King)




  • Try to hit the King as soon as you can.
  • You want to hold down and right at the end of the fight. This will avoid the tiny jump animation when you are about to get the coin (Saves ~.1s).
  • The movement pattern for dodging the spikes is very important, because it leads the bee to the top right of the screen sooner, allowing his next cycle to begin faster. Study the spike dodging pattern carefully.
    • If you miss any shots, however, the pattern is messed up and you will have to improvise.


Getting a 2 Cycle on King Zing means that you hit the King on the frame that the bees will spawn around him. Therefore speeding up the fight so that you only need to hit him once after you take out the bee ring circling him. Largely, this trick depends on various situations that are [outlined in this document by djeez] given those situations you can use the videos below for ways to approach going for a 2 Cycle. You can find much more information on 2 Cycle by reading the document.

Ideal Scenario

Fail Scenario