Ghostly Grove 102

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 2
World name Gloomy Gulch
Level name Ghostly Grove
Previous level King Zing Sting
Next level Haunted Hall


  • Optimal: 6/10



  • Rolling under the ropes at 0:15 and 0:50 saves ~.15s on each.
  • At 0:58, perform a Team Throw Super Jump from the left side to get into the bonus barrel more quickly. If done correctly, you'll naturally enter the bonus without needing to Team Throw again.
  • At 1:06, perform a small wiggle to be able to roll again and get under the rope. This saves a few frames.
  • To be able to grab the rope under the Kloak quickly at the end: climb the rope at 1:26 up to its highest point, then short hop off to the right, and once you've landed on the ground, perform an unbuffered roll and try to grab the rope under the Kloak (Front Ropes). This strat could potentially result in randomly clipping through the rope and dying, but it's possible to reduce the odds of that by performing the same movement as consistently as possible.
    • You can grab the rope from behind or despawn the Kloak if wanting to avoid this strat.