Hornet Hole

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 2
World name Krazy Kremland
Level name Hornet Hole
Previous level Kudgel's Kontest
Next level Target Terror


  • Safe: 6/10
  • Optimal: 7/10
  • Optimal Alternative: 9/10




  • To activate the Scrolly Scroll:
    • Platform with Squitter near the bottom of the hook.
    • Press X to jump off of Squitter onto the hook.
    • Press B to jump off the hook and land back onto Squitter.
    • You have now stored the Scrolly Scroll glitch; roll into the Spiny and team-up before the honey.
    • Holding right and Y, you must time your jump and team throws so that you don't hit the bees.
    • Check out Twig's tutorial if you're still having trouble!
  • To get the goal swap in this level, you need to land, run right ever so slightly, and then press select.
  • Bad honey climbing will cost you a deceptive amount of time. Perfect the climbing technique!


  • Twig's scrolly scroll setup is very viable for new players.



  • When opening Squitter's crate, wiggle so that you are holding left on first frame of landing on Squitter (Saves ~.1).
  • At 0:32, kill the first bee instead of d-boosting through and then set up Scrolly Scroll with only 2 web platforms (Saves ~2s).
  • Climb the final wall in 3 jumps instead of 4. Requires landing on the floor below the wall in a particular spot (Saves ~.25).
  • Starting the climb from this spot will always give a good wall climb.
    • If you jump out of your roll early at 0:56, delaying your glide will allow you to approach this spot at a lower height, making landing there easier (see "Optimal Alternative" video).

Optimal Alternative


  • This route has you swapping to Diddy at the beginning instead of damage boosting later on in the level.
    • Overall this route saves ~0.4, but is much more difficult.
  • 0:13 Let go of Y and delay your repress until after the barrel. Rolling too soon will get you hit by the spiny.
  • 0:17 This jump is a 2-3 frame window depending on where you start your roll. Jumping too early will result in hitting the bee upon executing your second jump.


  • First method saves ~1s over the safe way.
  • The two others are about the same speed and save ~1.5 to ~2s over the safe way.
    • Damageless 2 is very slightly faster, so it is suggested to aim for that one. Failing it essentially just turns it into Damageless 1.