Hornet Hole

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 2
World name Krazy Kremland
Level name Hornet Hole
Previous level Kudgel's Kontest
Next level Target Terror


  • Safe: 6/10
  • Optimal: 8/10
  • Optimal Alternative: 10/10




  • To activate the Scrolly Scroll:
    • Platform with Squitter near the bottom of the hook.
    • Press X to jump off of Squitter onto the hook.
    • Press B to jump off the hook and land back onto Squitter.
    • You have now stored the Scrolly Scroll glitch; roll into the Spiny and team-up before the honey.
    • Holding right and Y, you must time your jump and team throws so that you don't hit the bees.
    • Check out Twig's tutorial if you're still having trouble!
  • To get the goal swap in this level, you need to land, run right ever so slightly, and then press select.
  • Bad honey climbing will cost you a deceptive amount of time. Perfect the climbing technique!


  • Twig's scrolly scroll setup is very viable for new players.



  • When opening Squitter's crate, wiggle so that you are holding left on first frame of landing on Squitter.
  • At 0:32, kill the first bee instead of d-boosting through and then set up Scrolly Scroll with only 2 web platforms (Saves ~2s).
  • Climb the final wall in 3 jumps instead of 4. Requires landing on the floor below the wall in a particular spot (Saves ~.25).
    • Starting the climb from this spot will always give a good wall climb.
    • If you jump out of your roll early at 0:56, delaying your glide will allow you to approach this spot at a lower height, making landing there easier (see "Optimal Alternative").

Optimal Alternative


  • This route swaps to Diddy at the beginning instead of damage boosting later on in the level (Saves ~.35s).
  • This route is much more difficult, but manageable until the jump at 0:18 (which is a 2 frame window).
  • 0:13 Let go of Y and delay your repress until after the barrel.
  • 0:33 Sniping the bee will allow you to begin your Scrolly Scroll setup as you create your instant platform. This is deceptively difficult since your first instant platform needs to be at the peak of your jump or else the bee won't be loaded. The web shot is also fairly precise (Saves ~.5s).