Platform Perils

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country
World name Chimp Caverns
Level name Platform Perils
Previous level Loopy Lights
Next level Necky's Revenge


  • Optimal: 7/10
  • Backup Jumproll: 8/10
  • Optimal No Jumproll: 11/10

All Stages

Safe Route


  • This is a much easier route that opts out of most of the difficult extendos and precise platform jumps.
  • You can easily add the jumproll into the route, as it's generally safe on failure, but you'll need to make sure to roll through the Necky and barrel before you reach the main army platform in order to set it up properly.
  • At the end is a simple extended roll through the Gnawty and Klump to make it to the exit faster. Tap Y before each enemy and then repress a bit later (where the noticeable speed boost is), or just keep it simple and do a normal roll.



  • After rolling through the Klumps at :06, do a fast left-right when you grab the bananas to make it under the bee. This roll is not an extendo.
  • To roll over the bees at :16, you'll have to roll as early as possible on the platform beforehand to line them up correctly.
  • To properly set up the jumproll, do the smallest jump possible after the barrel without letting go of right, then roll immediately upon landing.
  • If you die to the troll army after bouncing on the first one, you jumped too high. You have to tap it as quickly as possible.
  • If the Army wakes up and hits you before you get the chance to bounce on him, you either jumped too early (hard to do), didn't roll immediately (much more likely), or otherwise slowed down at some point.

Backup Jumprolls


  • For the 2rd jumproll, you simply need to turn around the moment before you roll into the Army. It's pretty forgiving about his position.

"Optimal" No Jumproll


  • Read the first Optimal Strat notes for the pre-jumproll section.
  • To do the roll at :36, you need to make sure you move far enough to the right on the previous platform so that this one is on the screen early. That will set it up so you have room to land beside the Gnawty. Once you're on the platform, do a quick left-right, then do an extendo on both Gnawties. The timing isn't too strict; just tap Y on the platform, hold while you're in the air, and repeat on the second one.
  • The Golden Barrel shown here is just for fun. Otherwise, jump over the bee as soon as possible.

Dumb Trick

Don't do this
Or make it even more dumb with this pretty consistent setup

Another Dumb Trick

Don't do this either




  • This video is just showing where to roll out of the jumproll into the bonus. There is a good visual cue that is explained in the video.



  • Do a big roll off of the tire to get to the platform at the end. It seems scary but you should be able to make it every time.
  • For the bonus at the start of the stage, the hidden platform is directly under the visible one.
  • Jumping around the first platform can kill you if you don't take the corner tight enough. If you don't want to do that, just land on the visible platform, wait for it to start moving, and walk or jump down to the bottom one.
  • The bonus skip doesn't save much time here, so try not to time it early so you don't lose time having to unpause.