Bumble B Rumble

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country
World name Vine Valley
Level name Bumble B Rumble
Previous level Clam City
Next level Snow Barrel Blast


  • Switch to DK before ending the previous level. You'll need him here in order to land the first hit earlier. Doing so sets up an easy pattern (shown in the video).
  • You can get the initial hit with Diddy, but it is much less consistent and risky as well; if you get hit with him, you'll waste a lot of time until you can pick him back up in the next stage.
  • Using DK's backswing is not required. It can make the timing easier, however.
  • Attacking with the left barrel will always create one frame of lag. You can choose to avoid it after the first hit to save four frames if you so desire.


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