Buzzer Barrage GBA

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 3 (GBA)
World name Razor Ridge
Level name Buzzer Barrage
Previous level Barbos' Barrier or
Bleak's House
Next level Kong-Fused Cliffs




  • Quawks' controls are pretty floaty. Keep this in mind when coming up on downward sections to avoid getting stuck at the ceiling. Down flaps (press A while holding down) are used commonly to avoid gaining too much upward momentum. These will allow you to maintain your height and descend as quickly as possible afterwards. You can also hold up to slow down Squawks' descent without extra flaps.
    • For example at 0:27 only down flaps are used to make sure Quawks can descend quickly.
  • You can skip several Buzzers and Kopters by going between them and the wall. If you slow down (for example through a bonk) you may need to bail out, as the oscillation by the Buzzers and movement by the Kopters can render it impossible to squeeze past them.
    • Notably at 1:13 the Buzzer can hit you if you go past it too late.
  • You ideally want Kiddy in front for the out of bounds clip at Floodlit Fish. If you entered the stage with Kiddy in front, and did not take extra damage/opt out of damage along the way, you can damage boost through the Buzzers at the end, as shown in 'more strats'.



  • If you enter with one Kong, you can break the Kong barrel by jumping into the Quawks barrel.
  • Going between the Kopters at 0:06 saves approximately 20 frames.
  • The video shows several alternative ways to get past the Buzzer room after the midway barrel. Strategy 1 is an easier alternative and strategy 2 is a more difficult alternative.
    • For strategy 2, you may need to briefly release the d-pad before passing between the Buzzers.