Kleever's Kiln

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 2
World name Crocodile Cauldron
Level name Kleever's Kiln
Previous level Squawk's Shaft
Next level Barrel Bayou
Previous level Squawk's Shaft 102%
Next level Barrel Bayou 102%


  • Safe: 4/10
  • Optimal: 8/10




  • Do a short jump before throwing to instantly turn around.
  • There is no clear route for navigating the hooks. You will have to practice the fight and learn how quickly Kleever moves around, and find a comfortable route from there.
  • The cannonball spawns are random. While the RNG factor is not as important as in Krow's Nest, it can still slow you down.
  • On the first hook cycle, boost yourself on Kleever to reach the 2nd hook.
  • While not displayed in the above video, if the very first cannonball spawns right next to Kleever, you can hit him while lifting it.



  • At 0:12, cancel the pick-up animation by pressing B to jump. Then you should let go of Y as soon as possible so you won't perform a jump, and then repress Y fairly quickly to not perform a roll (Saves ~.15s).
    • You should buffer your jump to the hook near the end of your throwing animation.
    • Note that if the cannonball spawns closer to the middle, you won't need to cancel the pick-up animation since it would already be complete by the time you would need to throw.
    • Also note that if you get really bad luck, it's best to perform the safe strat of placing the cannonball on Kleever.
  • The optimal route will save ~4 seconds over the safe route. It involves the "Lava Fly" and is not recommended for new players. You can potentially lose a minute for only a 4 seconds save!
  • For the two final phases of this fight, try hitting Kleever as you pick the cannon ball up. You can take the hook section in many different ways to achieve this, so do whatever is most comfortable for you.



Make sure you're as far left as you can be.


Begin your hover when Dixie is right above the peak of this mountain. You can also buffer your glide as soon as you start your jump to get the highest possible glide every time.


Press and hold B while holding down. Don't let go of down until you've jumped.


  • When landing on the ledge, you want to buffer your jump.
    • This works, because right before you land after jumping, you can "buffer" jumps.
  • If Dixie doesn't make it to the ledge and just hovers past, then your initial jump+hover with Dixie was bad.
  • If you make the jump, the trick is not over yet; you must have Kleever attack you in order for the hooks to spawn. Knowing the timing to lure Kleever just comes with practice!


  • Note that you can also buffer your glide and jump with the standard setup.


Hooks Didn't Spawn

  • It's possible to continue even if the hooks don't spawn.
  • Do a damage boost after doing a team throw.
  • Make sure to gradually head to the left side to give the cannonball time to spawn.
  • Jumping while waiting can prevent Kleever from getting too low and being able to sneak under the cannonball Dixie is holding.
  • The second lava fly must be done very quickly to avoid getting hit.