Necky's Revenge

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country
World name Chimp Caverns
Level name Necky's Revenge
Previous level Platform Perils
Next level Gangplank Galleon

Optimal Jumps


  • This video highlights how to jump over two nuts at once to get optimal hits to avoid losing time during Necky's upper spawns.
  • You can also do this during his lower spawns. The top ones are demonstrated here, as they are significantly harder.
  • Instead of running under the nut before the second-to-last one in each cycle that you need to manipulate, you can jump over it. It's way easier to jump over it for low spawns.
  • Each hit here can be done with perfect timing, but it took a long time to get Necky to spawn on top 5 times in a row, so the play isn't perfect.
  • The fourth and fifth cycles require a slightly earlier bounce if you want to get the quickest possible hit. The third one is the toughest; you'll need to wait as long as possible without getting hit in order to land it.
  • Donkey can jump over two nuts on the low spawns, but not the high ones.