Arich's Ambush

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 3
World name Kremwood Forest
Level name Bobbing Barrel Brawl
Previous level Bobbing Barrel Brawl
Next level Fire-Ball Frenzy


  • Safe: 2/10
  • Optimal: 9/10




  • Don't forget to drop the barrel on the ground for Arich's last pattern (holding B -> Hold Down -> Release B)



  • To properly achieve hits on Arich you'll want to fall straight down off the platform above so you won't clash your barrel with legs.
  • For the second hit you'll need to jump after falling to land the hit properly on Arich.
  • For the third and fourth hits you won't need to jump out of your fall but just fall and throw before landing.
  • Grabbing the patch from underneath is the most optimal, to achieve this it's best to try and jump during the sound of him falling.
  • Arich tends to have irregular patterns at times even with similar or same movement, so you'll have to adjust how you throw but sometimes you can't help the inevitable World 2 reset with this boss.
  • to land hits 3 and 4 consistently drop straight down as normal. Start barrel throw as soon as Kiddies bottom hand crosses the boundary of the tree branch indicated

Dixie backup


  • By doing that little hover at the top Arich will be baited into dropping down and instantly coming back up ending his spit ball phase.
  • This is meant as a backup for when you lose kiddie but don't want to reset.