Fire-Ball Frenzy

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 3
World name Mekanos
Level name Fire-Ball Frenzy
Previous level Arich's Ambush
Next level Demolition Drain-Pipe


  • Safe: 5/10
  • Optimal: 6/10




  • Nothing much to say. It's all skill and damage-boosting.



  • Starting at 0:29 is The Climb. To do it optimally, you want to grab every rope from underneath, then jump off the ropes to the following platforms ASAP.
  • Grabbing every rope from underneath is very hard, but can be made consistent.
    • The key here is to do a small roll before you jump, while making sure your jump is still being done on the platform. Your jump also has to be big (hold B).
    • Alternatively you can buffer a full jump (holding B) to make it consistent.
  • Note that climbing ropes from underneath is said to be more inconsistent/trickier on U, as opposed to J.
  • 0:43 You'll want to pause before jumping to avoid getting hit on the next jump.
  • Don't glide at all @1:14. This will let you start the final roll earlier.


  • Bee jump is very precise, but you don't have to wait for the fire ball.
  • The alternative damage boost is equally fast as the one in the video above.