Blazing Bazukas

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 3
World name Mekanos
Level name Blazing Bazukas
Previous level Ripsaw Rage
Next level Low-G Labyrinth


  • Safe: 5/10
  • Optimal: 6/10
  • Optimal Alternative: 8/10




  • For the barrel at 0:51, if you have both Kongs it takes time to load both in the barrel. This makes it risky to shoot immediately and not get hit. Not having Kiddy makes it much easier to get the early cycle.



  • You do not want Kiddy for this route as he causes small time loss when you enter barrels and you will not be able to perform the quick shot at 0:45
  • 0:10 Make sure you're jumping over the Krimp here instead of gliding or jumping on him, it will set up the cycle correctly for the strat to get over the barrels in the next section. If you bonk a wall or hit the Krimp in any way you should back out of the strat shown in the video above. Instead just glide over the barrels bounce on them to safely make it over.
  • 0:36 You want to go neutral here after rolling to avoid getting hit by the TNT barrel.

Optimal Alternative


  • This is a faster way to do this level optimally with notably three differences explained below.
  • 0:09 This is an alternative and faster way to perform the beginning section using a Krimp Just Defend
  • 0:34 You can opt to quickly grab the ropes here and jump over the barrels without going neutral, this only works if you can grab the rope from underneath and not above.
  • 1:00 This quick shot at the end saves minimal time in comparison to the normal strat, not really worth going for unless you're desperate to make up time.