Bouncy Bonanza

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country
World name Monkey Mines
Level name Bouncy Bonanza
Previous level Mine Cart Carnage
Next level Stop & Go Station


  • Optimal: 8/10
  • 101%: 8/10

All Stages



  • It is highly recommended to learn fast crawlspaces as soon as possible.
  • To perform them, roll towards them and hold down+right and Y as you jump through. As long as you continue to hold down, you can keep jumping, even if you aren't moving forward.
  • If the roll at :11 is dying before the bee, you can just opt to jump over him instead. If you want to get it right, though, see the notes under the optimal video.



  • It is possible for the roll shown at :11 to die right before reaching the bee, causing you to get hit. Make sure your roll starts from the exact same place as in the video.
  • However, you can predict when the roll is going to die and react by jumping over the bee, as the bad roll has a slightly different animation (the roll doesn't look as smooth). This is very difficult, though, and only comes from experience. If the death happens to you, watch your recording and see if you notice it.
  • You'll need to hold down to stall for the bees in the crawlspaces. In the tire cave, you need to land just after the last tire in order to have room to jump into the next one.
  • Depending on how you did your jumps in the crawl space before the tire cave, you will either get really fast tire bounces or slow ones. Both will work for the bee skips. The stall for skipping the second set of bees is longer then the stall for the first set.
  • To roll off the tire consistently at :24, only jump twice during the crawl space before hand.
  • The jump at :31 is tight. Too early and you don't make the platform and die—too late and you hit the bee. The sweetspot is directly in the middle of the tire or just after it.
  • It is possible to jump out of where the G is without letting go of the dpad and without hitting the corner, but it's is quite hard.

KBZ's setup for Bee Skip

  • After the second crawlspace in this video, I release B so i don't jump like crazy on the tires section and softly releasing Right at the end so i don't go in the crawlspace and crouch. Then, I jump in and wait (pressing down+B) until the bee starts to go up, and I roll right after I get out of the crawlspace to get in the another one. Same with the next bees.




  • Holding right the entire time you're in the air after the first bonus will put you straight into the bee. Make sure you back up shortly before landing on it.
  • To get the tire past the bee at the end, you have to roll somewhat under it, then back a bit before jumping.