Kreepy Krow

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 2
World name Gloomy Gulch
Level name Ghostly Grove
Previous level Web Woods
Next level Arctic Abyss


  • Safe: 2/10
  • Optimal: 7/10




  • Every barrel spawn is random, so seconds can be lost on RNG in this fight. Mid Right Right is the best possible luck.
  • The 2nd round is the most important in terms of RNG, since getting the infamous Left spawn is much slower.
  • Standing at the higher platform for the fanfare saves ~2 frames over the lower platform. Save the frames!


Mid Mid Right


  • Reaching the rope at 0:18 can be difficult. Most commonly, people miss it by pressing Left too late after jumping. The timing of your Left press depends on where you start your jump. Initiating your jump further left on the platform means that your Left press should be later, while closer to the middle means it should be pressed near immediately.
  • The 2nd set of ropes can be tough to navigate quickly without getting hit. Find a comfortable way if you struggle doing Riz Ropes.


  • If executed perfectly, Claude and V0oid ropes are the same speed as the ropes shown in the Optimal tape above, but they are much more difficult.
  • The Quick Left spawn methods are a bit risky, but you avoid waiting for the bird after grabbing the barrel.
    • For #1, hesitate a split second before jumping on the bird so you don't lose Diddy.

Other Luck

Left Left Mid

  • See MORE STRATS for quick left spawn strats with the 2nd phase.

Left Mid Left

Right Right Right