Kreepy Krow

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 2
World name Gloomy Gulch
Level name Ghostly Grove
Previous level Web Woods
Next level Arctic Abyss


  • Safe: 2/10
  • Optimal: 7/10




  • Every barrel spawn is random, so seconds can be lost on RNG in this fight.
  • The 2nd round is the most important in terms of RNG, since getting the infamous Left spawn is much slower.
  • Standing at the higher platform for the fanfare saves ~2 frames over the lower platform. Save the frames!


Left Left Mid


  • The 2nd set of ropes can be tough to navigate quickly without getting hit. Find a comfortable way if you struggle doing Riz Ropes.


  • The first method is faster if you can do Kipples ropes well (alternating from left to right every jump), or simply can climb well from the left (Saves ~.35s).
  • The second method is the same speed as the first method.
  • The Quick Left spawn methods are a bit risky, but you avoid waiting for the bird after grabbing the barrel.
    • For #1, hesitate a split second before jumping on the bird so you don't lose Diddy.

1st Phase Quick Kill

  • Instead of jumping on the ghost mini-necky into the real one, you can jump directly left to hit the real one. (Saves ~.5)
  • A good visual cue for this is start your roll jump when you see the ghost mini-necky move his head (before he dives forward).

Left Mid Left

Right Right Right