Web Woods

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 2
World name Gloomy Gulch
Level name Web Woods
Previous level Parrot Chute Panic
Next level Kreepy Krow


  • Safe: 6/10
  • Intermediate: 8/10
  • Optimal: 12/10




  • Do not be fooled, the safe route is still hard. It does however use a lot of extra platforms, and avoids all the damage boosts.
  • Instant Platforms will need to be practiced before you can be consistent at this stage, no matter the route.
    • Getting the proper feel for good platforms takes a while. The main mistake is usually making it too late, which is typically an instant death.



  • There's a cooldown between creating instant platforms with Squitter. To optimally work around this cooldown, briefly let go of the Dpad when creating consecutive instant platforms. Note that the final 2 instant platforms of the level don't have a cooldown, so not letting go of the Dpad is viable in that instance. The final instant platform at Up in 3 after midway also has no cooldown.
  • Before the Squitter section, use the bottom path and roll through the rats. The purple flower before the TNT Klobber is a good cue for where to roughly jump from.
  • The two Squitter damage boosts will require practice before you can tackle this route.
    • A good visual cue for this would be the damage star sprite: jump as soon as it disappears, this has a 9 frame window (note that cues of the sort are different from what platform you play the game on, and other input lag variables).
  • At 1:13, the banana coin on the screen is a good point of reference to know how close your web is to the platform.
  • Alternative safe eagle pit strat
  • Another alternative that avoids repressing Y



  • At 0:05, perform the Djeez Delight. Make sure your roll is buffered and initiated fairly far away from the rat. Repress Y the moment you see Diddy in his walking animation. Note that a slow roll means that you initiated your re-roll too late (Saves ~.35).
  • At 0:11, take the corners as tight as you can so that you get optimal speed rolling through the rats.
    • Always repress Y before the rats on the lowest section. If you get the optimal roll nothing will be affected, but if you get the slow one, you will avoid dying by restarting a new roll.
  • At 0:44, reach the platform in 2 webs after the damage boost. If you took the damage boost at the top of the bee, it's not too difficult (Saves ~.3s).
  • At 0:58 is the Eagle Pit: only use 3 webs to cross the chasm. You need to be confident in your ability to know where the last web will auto-create to be optimal. Check the guide below for visual cues and tips.
    • You can also manually create the last web. It is safer, but an extra input is needed.
  • At 1:10 is Leap of Faith: jump before your platform is created. Once again, you can time an auto-platform or manually input the web formation.

Eagle Jump Detailed Guide with Visual Cues