Web Woods 102

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 2
World name Gloomy Gulch
Level name Web Woods
Previous level Parrot Chute Panic
Next level Kreepy Krow


  • Optimal: 13/10


  • Right at the start of the level is the Djeez Delight. Make sure you initiate the roll through the rat at the top level a little far away from it (you can release right on the dpad briefly to accomplish this if your earlier set of jumps was a little slow). Release Y while you're going through the DK barrel, and repress it once you're past it.
  • At 0:11, take the corners as tight as possible to get optimal rolling speed. You should also repress Y right before rolling through the rats at the bottom level: if you get the optimal corner cuts your speed won't be affected by this Y release, but this ensures that you do get a roll off if you happen to get a slow rolling speed.
  • Reaching the platform in two webs after the damage boost at 0:44 is easier if you hit the bee from its top as opposed to from its side. This saves ~.3 over using three webs. You should consider using three webs if you get the damage boost from the side, moreso if you hit the other bee right below it.
  • Make sure to kill all eagles shot at 0:57 and onwards as they can get in the way. It is recommended in particular to kill the last eagle shot at 1:02 during the DESCENT of the jump, as this will make it easier to have enough momentum and jump height to reach the platform at the bottom.
  • To break the bonus with the fast cannonball, first get through the eagles pit in three webs. As soon as you spawn the Kannon and it shoots the ball, turn around and immediately start making instant webs (without hitting the eagle right behind you). The last web you made on the way to the right should still be there. As you get on it, shoot one web straight to the left, and form it a little later (you might want to release left briefly here depending on the location of the webs). If done correctly, you should be able to make it across with these four webs without despawning the cannonball.
  • At 1:11, the first bonus strat is fairly difficult and saves ~.5s over making purely horizontal webs. The keys are forming the third web as low as possible and also making the last web as far forward as possible by forming it right before you'd land on it.
    • If you realize you're not going to make it to the kremcoin platform, make a fifth web to get across.
  • At 1:23, it's possible to make it across in 8 webs. To do this, the first web is shot from the edge of the platform to aid in getting enough distance. Key is also the 6th web at 1:29. Ideally you'll jump right beside the red bee ahead.
    • The last two webs are usually not subject to cooldown and can be made whenever, but for some reason this doesn't always apply.
    • This is a pretty hard strat and saves ~.5s over using 9 webs. Just make an additional horizontal web at the end if not wanting to do this.
  • Jump through the sign at 2:00 and swap on landing. This makes sure that you don't get pushed back when you swap.
  • As soon as you swap characters, roll, jump into the barrel, and shoot immediately.
  • To get the dk coin at the end you have a 12 frame window.

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