Kroctopus Krush

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 3 (GBA)
World name Razor Ridge
Level name Kroctopus Krush
Previous level Ropey Rumpus
Next level Krevice Kreepers or
Konveyor Rope Klash




  • The first bomb always spawns on the right side of the middle platform. All the others are random.
  • You'll want to either stand on the left side of the left platform or the right side of the right platform, as this covers all spawn points on those platforms, and gives you the best chance of getting a quick hit.
  • During the first and second phase, it is faster to move towards the bombs to lure Kroctopus into hitting them. During the third phase, there's not enough time to do this.
  • Try to not lose Dixie, as this fight is extremely difficult with Kiddy. Especially the third phase. If you find yourself with only Kiddy, you can refer to the video below for examples on how to do the third phase.
  • The Cranky manipulation is subtle, but you ideally want to hit the coin on the left side or right side (as opposed to hitting it in the center).

Third phase examples with Kiddy


  • In order to avoid Kroctopus' arms, you'll need to fall into the water when the arm approaches Kiddy. You can jump directly back on the left platform, and use an invisible barrel to shoot back on the right platform.
  • If done optimally, no further time will be lost.