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Moving Your Kong

  • The speed and acceleration you have when running is the same as when jumping. Hovering with Dixie is barely slower than running. Every 36 frames spent hovering loses 1 frame compared to running.
    • In the optimal wiki videos, hovering is avoided as much as possible, but in practice this makes a small difference.
  • For Dixie, rolling is slower than running. The only exceptions are rolling through two or more enemies, or performing a buffered roll through one or more enemies (explained below).
  • For Kiddy, rolling is faster than running and rolls can be chained consecutively.
  • Rolling through two or more enemies will extend the roll and increase your speed. Dixie gets a bigger boost to her roll speed and duration than Kiddy does. This can be seen at the start of Dingy Drain-Pipe for example.
  • After rolling off a platform, you can jump mid air. This can also be done after running off a platform, but only for a brief window after leaving the platform.
  • You cannot buffer jumps in this game. You can buffer rolls, although this is not nearly as lenient as the SNES games.

Ledge Rolls

  • If you roll from the very edge of a platform, you will get a roll with a lower trajectory. The window for getting these rolls is fairly tight. In the videos on the Wiki it is currently only used in Krevice Kreepers. It's good to be aware of so you don't kill yourself doing it accidentally.

Buffered Rolls through enemies

  • If you land from a jump right in front of an enemy and buffer a roll, you get a boost to the speed and duration of the roll through that enemy, similar to rolling through multiple enemies. This boost is modest for Kiddy and saves a few frames, but with Dixie this boost makes a big difference.

Jump Momentum Conservation

  • When you jump out of a roll, your speed immediately gets snapped to running speed. However, if you have B released prior to jumping, your speed will more gradually decrease from roll speed down to walking speed.
  • This is only applicable when the rolling speed is high enough, which in practice means only after rolling through two or more enemies, or after buffered rolls through enemies.
  • In the wiki videos, this is currently only applied to the buffered roll through the Sneek in Lakeside Limbo and the roll through the Bristles in Dingy Drain-Pipe, but potentially has more applications.

Vertical Rope Jumps

  • With both Kongs, it is faster to jump up vertical ropes than climbing these ropes.

Barrel shots

  • When you shoot out of barrels horizontally, if you hold forward, you will actually slow down and be shot less far in most cases. This slowdown is enhanced when the B button (run button) is also held. To avoid slowing down, you will typically want to avoid holding B and a direction until touching the ground.

Flagpole start/select

  • Only on the North American version of the game, you can press start and select to exit out of a stage as soon as you touch the flagpole at the end. This saves significant time over the course of the run.
  • In the Krematoa stages, you don't want to immediately exit the stage upon touching the flagpole as you need to collect the cogs first. As soon as the cog is collected, it is still slightly faster to exit out of the stage with start and select.

Damage Boosting

  • Damage Boosting allows you to skip various sections of levels or get the fastest Kong for a certain section in front. After damage boosting with one Kong, the next Kong will instantly jump once you gain control and gain invulnerability for a couple of seconds. This can be utilized to skip certain sections.

Water Bouncing

  • By rolling towards a body of water with Kiddy, you can bounce off the surface of the water by pressing A before hitting the surface. This can be done up to two times in a row. This can be useful as swimming horizontally is slow. It can also be used to gain more height than a regular jump without having to team up.

Cranky Manipulations

Wall Climbing

  • If you team throw Kiddy to the left or right, he will start rolling on the ground and bounce off walls. Dixie can then jump on Kiddy. This mechanic can be abused by throwing Kiddy into a wall (or boundary of a stage) mid jump. Kiddy will bounce back and Dixie will immediately land on Kiddy. This process can then be repeated. This allows us to skip large portions of stages or boss fights.
  • By throwing Kiddy off a ledge, there will be some time to move next to a wall while Kiddy is returning to Dixie. This is used for example in Ropey Rumpus.


Out of Bounds Clips

  • Out of bounds clips may be the most important glitch in the game. In most water stages and in Low-G Labyrinth the Kongs can clip out of bounds by either swapping or taking damage next to a wall. This can skip large portions of stages. The setup for each out of bounds clip is different, and is explained in the wiki pages of the stages itself. Some out of bounds clips can be attempted once, some can be repeatedly attempted. Some have a fully consistent setup, some depend on luck.



  • Behind out of bounds clips, timestops are one of the most important glitches in the game. When falling from land into water, if the Kongs either team up or separate from a team up on the frame they would fall into the water, the game enters a timestop state. In a timestop state, all enemies will freeze into place and many objects will not load properly. In this state, the Kongs will not be able to interact with any sprite above water, which in practice means they can pass safely through enemies or other obstructions. The Kongs can still get hit by enemies underwater. Getting hit, teaming up or swapping will undo the timestop state.

Bonus Storage

  • When the Kongs are in timestop state and enter a bonus barrel under water, no bonus will be loaded and the game will softlock under normal circumstances. However, if a bonus has previously been entered, this bonus will be loaded instead.
  • If the stored bonus is the second bonus of any stage, and an underwater bonus barrel is entered while in a timestop state, the game will be tricked into thinking the second bonus of the stage where the timestop was performed has been entered.
  • Upon completing or failing the stored bonus, the game will therefore spawn you at the exit location of the second bonus of the stage where the timestop was performed. If this spawn location is near the end of the stage, this allows you to skip large portions of stages.
  • In the speedrun, the second bonus of Kreeping Klasps is stored, as you can quickly fail this bonus. If another bonus is accidentally entered prior to KAOS Kore, the second bonus of Konveyor Rope Klash can be used as an alternative, prior to the timestops Lightning Lookout and Poisonous Pipeline.


Squitter Instant Platforms

  • With Squitter, if you jump and press the R button twice, a web platform will spawn that Squitter can land on immediately. There is a short cooldown after each instant platform, but if you jump from the edge of the previous platform, you can chain the instant platforms without ever releasing the D-pad. If the R button is pressed while Squitter is touching a ceiling, the web platform will be eaten by the ceiling unless down is held on the D-pad.