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=Individual Levels=
=Individual Worlds=
==Kongo Jungle==
*[[Kongo Jungle 101 | Kongo Jungle]]
*[[Jungle_Hijinxs#101.25 | Jungle Hijinxs]]
*[[Monkey Mines 101 | Monkey Mines]]
*[[Ropey_Rampage#101.25 | Ropey Rampage]]
*[[Vine Valley 101 | Vine Valley]]
*[[Reptile_Rumble#101.25 | Reptile Rumble]]
*[[Gorilla Glacier 101 | Gorilla Glacier]]
*[[Coral Capers]]
*[[Kremkroc Industries 101 | Kremkroc Industries]]
*[[Barrel_Cannon_Canyon#101.25 | Barrel Cannon Canyon]]
*[[Chimp Caverns 101 | Chimp Caverns]]
*[[Very Gnawty's Lair]]
==Monkey Mines==
*[[Winky's_Walkway#101.25 | Winky's Walkway]]
*[[Bouncy_Bonanza#101.25 | Bouncy Bonanza]]
*[[Stop_&_Go_Station#101.25 | Stop & Go Station]]
*[[Millstone Mayhem#101.25 | Millstone Mayhem]]
*Use the map warp in world 1 to get to Orang-utan Gang
==Vine Valley==
*[[Orang-utan Gang]]
*[[Clam City]]
*[[Bumble B Rumble]]
*[[Vulture_Culture#101.25 | Vulture Culture]]
*[[Tree_Top_Town#101.25 | Tree Top Town]]
*[[Forest_Frenzy#101.25 | Forest Frenzy]]
*[[Temple Tempest]]
==Gorilla Glacier==
*[[Snow Barrel Blast]]
*[[Slipslide Ride]]
*[[Ice Age Alley]]
*[[Croctopus Chase]]
*[[Torchlight Trouble]]
*[[Rope Bridge Rumble]]
*[[Really Gnawty Rampage]]
==Kremkroc Industries==
*[[Oil Drum Alley]]
*[[Trick Track Trek]]
*[[Elevator Antics]]
*[[Poison Pond]]
*[[Mine Cart Madness]]
*[[Blackout Basement]]
*[[Boss Dumb Drum]]
==Chimp Caverns==
*[[Tanked Up Trouble]]
*[[Manic Mincers]]
*[[Misty Mine]]
*[[Loopy Lights]]
*[[Platform Perils]]
*[[Necky's Revenge]]
==Gangplank Galleon==
*[[DKC Gangplank Galleon | Gangplank Galleon]]
*[[DKC Gangplank Galleon | Gangplank Galleon]]

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Category Details
Game Donkey Kong Country
Category Names 101%
Optimal time 45:xx? (Emu)
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Description and Rules

  • No restrictions. In-game % tracks normal stages, bonuses and K. Rool, 33 stages + 67 bonuses + Krool for 101% (the 6 main bosses do not add to percentage)

Eazinn's Tutorial


Joetherapper's Human TAS

Part 1 (1-1 to 3-2)

Part 2 (3-3 to 5-3)

Part 3 (5-3 to 7-B)

Individual Worlds