Loopy Lights

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country
World name Chimp Caverns
Level name Loopy Lights
Previous level Misty Mine
Next level Platform Perils


  • Optimal: 8/10
  • Intermediate: 6.5/10
  • Safe: 2/10

All Stages

Note: If you are going to do the Optimal Perils Skip, you want to return to Manic Mincers to set up the Split-up Glitch before entering Loopy Lights. Be careful, however, because any damage taken that's not over a pit will cause you to softlock the game. If you don't want to risk the run not being able to continue do to softlocking, feel free to return to Manic Mincers after beating Loopy Lights.



  • The roll over the tire between the 2 Klap Traps at 0:12 only saves a few frames over bouncing on the tire and is much riskier.
  • The roll over the gap at 0:15 is only fully consistent if you use Float Storage and roll fairly close to the ledge.
  • Doing the Klap Trap stair section at 0:17 without releasing right on the dpad is quite precise. Use the bananas above for when to start a min height jump. Once you land, immediately buffer another min height jump to bounce on the first Klap Trap. You then need to max jump over the 2nd Klap Trap, and then max jump and bounce on the final Klap Trap. This saves ~0.3s over the safer alternative in the video below.
  • The jump in front of the Klap Trap at 0:34 requires a quick dpad release, so that you can still land on the ledge afterwards and get a roll out.
  • To roll over the bee at 0:42, you will have to do a fairly precise min jump to land in between the ledge and the bee to the right beforehand. The roll prior to the roll over the bee should be cut short ever so slightly too, otherwise you may take damage while rolling over the bee.
  • In the bee section, it is possible to only let go of the d-pad once - right before you jump over the bee where the G is. Releasing it in other spots can make the section much easier though, such as when you're walled in by the 3 bees right before the G.
  • To get a clean, fast roll through the Manky at the end, do a max jump before you touch the rightmost banana on the ledge before him. No dpad release required.



  • This route avoids a handful of strats in the optimal video. Aside from those, refer to the notes above.



  • This route opts for easier jumps along the floating platforms, and skips the precise double-bee jump at the end, as well as the roll through the Manky afterwards.
  • The Klap Traps in this level jump along with you. If they are on the screen, they will hop when you press B if they are already spawned. You'll need to plan your jumps around this mechanic. The very first one is bugged, however, and will let you roll into him harmlessly.
  • At the top of the "mountain" at 0:33, you'll need to do a max-length jump to avoid grabbing the barrel accidentally, as doing so wastes time and can get you killed by the Necky. Releasing Y for a bit as you land helps here.

Safe (Super Jump)


  • Slow alternative if you're having a really tough time with the level.