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Category Details

1-1 Infinite
Game Donkey Kong Country 2
Category Names Low%, 40%
Optimal time 42:XX?

What is it?

  • Low% refers to beating the game with the lowest percentage possible (40%). Since using a Wrong Warp to beat a level does not give you the completion percentage, you want to maximize the amount you can do, no matter the time loss.
  • Additionally, you want to finish with no DK coin at all.
    • While DK coins do not affect the actual percentage of the game, it is in 102% spirit that the tradition is kept for this category.

Additional Rules

Pirate Panic


  • The back and forth after passing the Klobber is to set his ID to 1 instead of 2, making the setup easier. The IDs are fixed as soon as the 2nd Klomp is loaded on the screen.
  • The 2nd Klobber's ID must be set to 2 for the setup to be consistent. To do this, you have to wait until the leftmost Klomp (where the Rambi crate is) starts to turn around, and then jump.
  • How you kill the rats / when you grab the "N" doesn't matter.
  • Diddy must pick up the Klobber at the exact same frame the Klobber gets destroyed by the barrel. This is a 1-frame timing window, and the most difficult part of executing the wrong warp.
  • After obtaining invis, you have to jump to the left of the bananas leading to the bonus barrel to fix the IDs.
  • Throw the invis left of the bonus, and you're done!

Red-Hot Ride


  • The 1st part of the video shows an unrelated Warpless strategy. Click the link under the video to go to the proper section.
  • Rambi Double Jump
  • Dixie Beetle Clash on the Kruncha to set up the id to the bonus barrel. Getting the bonus barrel to warp to you is very precise, alike Topsail Trouble's wrong warp.



  • In order to get the Wrong Warp, the way in which you load enemies is the most important.
  • Once you see the blue Kruncha when on the hot air balloon with Rambi, jump off and glide with Dixie.
  • Before jumping onto the platform with the two Krunchas, you must wait for them to start moving right.
  • Make sure that you jump and sit on the left edge of the platform.
  • You must wait for the Krunchas to double back and start moving left.
  • Once they start moving, you can glide and grab the beetle.
  • Clash the beetle with the Kruncha at the halfway point using Dixie Beetle Clashing
  • Once you have the Invisible Barrel, make sure you despawn the bonus barrel below by facing right on the hot-air balloon when you jump onto it.
  • All that's left at this point is to sink down, move left, and throw the Invisible Barrel.
  • If you don't get the trick, then you have loaded the enemies/objects in the wrong order. Try doing the setup again, but going slower.

Another safe route:

  • First, hit the midpoint, and jump into the lava (to reset everything).
  • Then, just switch to Diddy after re-entering the level.
  • Finally, clash with the Kruncha to get the invisible barrel, and throw it while sliding down the slope.

Rickety Race & Arctic Abyss

  • Both those levels require you to actively avoid a DK coin:
    • In Rickety Race, you must finish the race in 2nd place! Give #1 Guy a well deserved victory.
    • In Arctic Abyss, you must take a detour from the regular any% route shortly after the midpoint barrel, in order to avoid the DK coin.



The second entry in my on-going series of useless wrong warps.

This warp uses the same invis method found in the Pirate Panic wrong warp, only this time it's at the very end of a long auto-scroller. This warp would only be useful in the True Ending Low% category, which only just now exists as a result of this wrong warp. Due to the difficulty in executing this warp, and how long it takes to reach Klobber Karnage in a run, that also makes it probably the hardest category in the game to run.

One thing worth mentioning, that I inaccurately stated in my Pirate Panic WW description - you actually don't have to wait for the Klobber to come out of the barrel to get invis. You can throw the barrel whenever you want, and you just have to press Y on the right frame (HEH) to get invis. The IDs are pretty simple, but good luck getting the Klobbers to stay where you want them to.

Enjoy! And if you actually manage to complete a True Ending Low% run in under 45 minutes, then wow - you are a true Donkey master ! !