DKC1 101%

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Category Details
Game Donkey Kong Country
Category Names 101%
Optimal time 45:39? (Emu)
Leaderboards here

Description and Rules

  • No restrictions. In-game % tracks normal stages, bonuses and K. Rool.


It is recommended that you watch this TTAS in order to learn the most optimal ways to do each level.

Joetherapper's Human TAS

Part 1 (1-1 to 3-2)

Part 2 (3-3 to 5-3)

Part 3 (5-3 to 7-B)

Individual Levels

Kongo Jungle

Monkey Mines

Vine Valley

Gorilla Glacier

Kremkroc Industries

Chimp Caverns

Gangplank Galleon